Consulting – HR & Staff

What about the qualifications of your employees?
Do you have an overview of all relevant training measures?
Do you have clear and audit-proof documentation, processing, reporting and evaluation of your occurring accidents?
How smoothly and professionally does your legally compliant and centrally managed occupational health care prevention run?

These and many other questions are the focus of our analysis, diagnostics and consulting in the field of HR/staff.

The goal of our analysis, diagnostics & consulting


Forgetting nothing with eplas®!

eplas is always up to date with the latest laws and guidelines, it uncovers deficits and remembers deadlines, audits and revisions for you. No one can keep everything in mind - the bigger the company, the more complex the challenge.

eplas puts an end to overflowing folders, elaborate Excel lists, tardy coordination and misleading delegations.

Would you like a professional assessment of your status quo? Our consultants will be happy to assist you.