External Experts in Project Management

blöcher cooperation can look back onto many years of project experience in medium-sized and large companies and corporations. In order to maximise the success of a project, project leaders need to be specifically trained project managers.

According to DIN 69901:2009, project management is defined as follows:

The entirety of management tasks, organisation, techniques and means for the initiation, definition, planning, control and completion of projects. This means

  • Management Tasks
  • Goal Definition
  • Management and Control
  • Management Organisation
  • Project Organisation
  • Project Management
  • Management Techniques 
  • Motivation of Project Staff
  • Meeting and Presentation Techniques
  • Decision-making Techniques
  • Management Tools
  • Project Planning and Control Systems (work packages, capacities, deadlines/milestones, costs)

If your own capacities are insufficient for special projects, e.g. in the field of HSE/HR/IT, our project management experts will provide you with competent support.