External Specialists – Our concentrated know-how for your company

Depending on the size of a company or on the current situation, you may not have all required, or by law mandated, experts on your own payroll - or your own capacities might not be sufficient.

Our experts, who are always trained based on the latest standards, can support you with projects, compensate for staff shortages and provide specific know-how in-house.

We have specialised in the following three areas:

Occupational Safety Specialist

In order to be a strong and reliable partner for our customers, we provide you with our specially trained professionals.

Auditor ISO 45001

Safe and healthy workplaces are a key element to high-performing companies.

Process Management

We analyse the entire process with our clients, document it and then transform it.

Project Management

To maximise the success of a project, project leaders need to be specifically trained project managers.