eplas® – Your Software for HR/Staff & Staff Management

Have you lost track of who has been trained or instructed and who has not, e.g. regarding production-relevant contents, occupational health and safety or quality management? You have to keep a legally compliant precaution file, but you only have Excel or other unsuitable systems at your disposal that do not allow auditing and require immense effort? You are responsible for accident statistics and for dealing with employers' liability insurance associations and authorities and struggle to acquire the relevant information? You are confronted with works council's or departments' demands and require a system to map transparent processes that are safe for auditing and data protection? Do you need to increase the efficiency of your department and managers?

eplas® - for your entire qualification management

Record the qualifications of your employees and develop them targetedly and efficiently - clearly, on time and individually.


Customised Trainings and Instructions

Make training courses available via e-learning, face-to-face meetings or the "blended learning" method, building onto each other with eplas. You can easily use the integrated room and scheduling options to plan the appointments.

In addition, you can make training courses available with eplas based on roles and integrate all positions involved via the approval workflows.

  • No participant restriction
  • time and place independence
  • reduction of training costs and time spent
  • Shortened learning cycles
  • content can be standardised and reused throughout the company
  • "just-in-time" learning
  • Strengthening of personal responsibility
  • Integration of approval workflows for e.g. training courses
  • Qualification matrix mapping

Build up and expand the skills of your employees in a targeted manner.


As of a certain number of employees, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain an overview in the field of training and further education. Especially in the sector of the Occupational Health and Safety and the legally prescribed duty to instruct, regular training is of immense importance.

  • Who has already been trained and who has not?
  • What has to be trained when, how and how often?
  • What are the intervals at which training and further education need to take place?
  • If a staff member is absent due to illness or holidays - who has the necessary qualifications to replace him or her?
  • What does the qualification matrix look like?

eplas keeps an eye on everything for you.

  • A central and clear filing system for all records of trainings and further education.
  • Unclear and incomplete lists, bursting folders at different locations or offices are a thing of the past.
  • Relief for your managers and HR staff.

eplas® – for a clear and audit-proof Documentation, Processing, Reporting and Evaluation of Incidents and Accidents

What to do if anything happens? With our eplas incident and accident management, you can document all incidents, accidents and near-accidents clearly and audit-proof. Use the possibilities of our module and process the events in a structured and documented way. Learn from your mistakes and use the central and clear tracking of measures for near-accidents as well. Report accidents directly to the BG or to the accident insurance fund and directly and easily create accident statistics.

  • Any incident types can be implemented, e.g. near-accidents, accidents, environmental damage, mental stress or other incidents
  • Digital mapping of the first-aid book
  • Incident management with workflow integration and integration of any roles in the company
  • Evaluation via automated generation of a review, statistics and a report
  • Accident analysis and determination of causes
  • Storage of additional documents (records, photos)
  • Centralised action management (event, responsible people, executor)
  • Automatic creation of all relevant documents and forms for reporting to the employers' liability insurance association, accident insurance fund, labour inspectorate, etc.
  • Digital transmission to the employers' liability insurance association (provided that it offers an interface)
  • Integration of the works council possible
  • Delicate authorisation concept to integrate all parties involved in a way that is data protection compliant
  • Audit-proof documentation

eplas® – Workflow- und Process Manager e. g. for Entry/Exit or Transfer of an Employee

When employees join, leave or are transferred, a lot of small and large tasks need to be done. Many different roles and employees are involved in the process, and many things can "go wrong". The eplas workflow and process manager allows different areas to communicate in a targeted manner and to have everyone work on the process in an easy, secure and data protection-compliant way. At the same time, the involvement of the individual processing person is geared towards a minimum of system contact, so that processing is usually possible without training.


Where else eplas® can be used:

  • Organisational and/or location change of an employee in the same company.
  • External company management for e.g. leasing staff, service providers, suppliers
  • Visitor management
  • Application management

With this module you can solve upcoming challenges quickly, easily and effectively.


eplas® – for an easy and user-friendly Application System

Above all, applications should be easy to understand and simple to fill out. This is best done with dynamic application forms that step by step ask only  for the really relevant information, e.g. in the course of a required decision or selection process of the applicant. With forms that intelligently guide users through the application process and answer questions instead of raising them. The applicant has them at hand at all times, e.g. via apps. Workload on case workers and decision-makers is reduced by applications that are filled in completely and logically.

  • Consistency throughout the application process
  • Easy to use
  • Free design via integrated form editor
  • Use of master, organisational and structural data mapped in eplas
  • Integration of a comprehensive role concept
  • Ideal control of all applications
  • Data can be transferred to external systems
  • Integration of all eplas module and database sections
  • Comprehensive action management with escalation functions
  • Attachment of comments, images and documents
  • Performing calculations within the workflow
  • Creation of data pools for analysis or transfer/export
  • Comprehensive pool of ready-made and customisable applications available

Your advantages with eplas® in the area of occupational safety

eplas is always up to date with the latest laws and guidelines, uncovers your deficits and thinks about deadlines, audits and revisions for you. No one can remember everything at once - the larger the company, the more complex the challenge.

eplas puts an end to overflowing folders, time-consuming Excel lists, tardy coordination and misleading delegations.

Employees are trained on time and on a recurring basis, without lengthy training preparations or time-consuming documentation of participation in all topics required for their intended purpose, and all this without any loss of productivity. What's more, all this is not just limited to instructions in accordance with DGUV Regulation 1, you can cover all operational topics from areas such as quality management and environmental protection or production-related topics.

The combination of face-to-face and e-learning units ensures the sustainable transfer of knowledge, even for practice-oriented topics.


Use our system to bring transparency into your safety-relevant processes. Use our experience as advisors to consciously develop your processes for the future. On this path, we see ourselves as your guide through the uncertainties of occupational safety. Keep an overview and standardise your processes with the necessary foresight and creativity. As enablers, we address things openly and honestly. We enable you and your team to grow successfully in the long term. You can rely on us.


With eplas® you are getting a Software-Solution for Occupational Safety and Staff Management

Whether it is knowledge transfer via blended learning, the creation of risk assessments or the recording and management of hazardous substances, facilities and equipment, eplas supports you in your daily work - easily, intuitively and reliably. With eplas, you use software which has processes that fully comply with the requirements of the occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001.


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