Why reinvent the wheel again and again? Just benefit from our instruction library. Have access to more than150 instruction topics from various cross-sectoral focal points. In addition to the classics of occupational safety and health (such as "General safety instruction in accordance with DGUV Regulation 1", "Personal Protective Equipment" etc.), other specific topics from these areas, among others, are available as well:


In addition, we offer to create topics individually for you, for example special instructions and company or product-related training.

Our specially trained content team develops and updates the content according to the current legal regulations.

Many topics are also available in several languages, e.g. in:

  • DE - German
  • DE gend. - German with opposite gender
  • GB - English
  • PL - Polish
  • RO - Romanian
  • RU - Russian
  • IT - Italian
  • CZE - Czech
  • FRA - French
  • GRC - Greek
  • HR - Croatian

Other languages are available on request. We also offer certain instruction and training topics in easy-to-understand language, to allow learning and implementing the content in as simple a way as possible.


In case of legal changes, you benefit from our update service: We keep the instructions up to date and inform you in case of any changes.