What is eplas®?

eplas is a software that supports companies in keeping track of all relevant topics and tasks in occupational safety and health. eplas reminds you of deadlines, eplas trains and instructs employees by means of e-learning, regardless of the number of participants. eplas provides you with required operating instructions for any workplace, always up to date. eplas gives you access to a hazardous substances data pool with more than 73,000 hazardous substances, eplas accompanies risk assessments, supports managers and HR in accident management, occupational health precautions, qualification matrix and much more. And this is only a small selection of the eplas modules.

How was eplas® created?

In 2007, an employee of one of our clients had a serious accident. Because of this event, we were given the task of developing a software to support the HR department regarding occupational safety and the handling of hazardous substances. More specifically: an e-learning programme to instruct and train employees.

This is how eplas® - e-learning platform for safety was created.

Today - many development stages further - our software provides the full range of HSE topics (health, safety, environment). However, the whole repertoire is not always possible or useful, which is not a problem for eplas. All software modules can be used individually or in any combination. You do not need a basic module and are able add further modules to the licensed volume at any time without the effort of additional installation.


What does the eplas® Software provide?

Our software has a very modular set up. Among other things, we offer our customers modules on the topics of e-learning, e.g. employee training, qualification for risk assessment, a general identification of which hazards exist for employees in the company or specifically at their workplace, risk assessment, operating instructions etc.


eplas® contributes to the Solutions to your Challenges

In each of these areas our clients face a wide variety of challenges. These can be official requirements, accidents or company agreements. It can also be the result of major deficits found by an on site inspection from the employers' liability insurance association. Now it's time to act and keep an overview. eplas won't let you forget anything.

eplas® - economical and efficient 

Simply looking at the topic of economic efficiency you will find that e.g., having to instruct all 500 employees on 15 topics a year this is virtually impossible with classroom training. E-learning is available at a fraction of the cost and time.


eplas® - The Dashboard as a Central Interface

Which training courses, instructions, audits by the employers' liability insurance association, hazardous substance investigations, etc. are due or overdue? Which checklists for audits are pending? Has the occupational accident already been reported to the employers' liability insurance association or not?


See at one glance what still needs to be done.

Using the dashboard of our eplas software, you can centrally manage all information relevant to occupational health and safety, and quickly and separately make it available to those involved. Different risk assessments are applicable, depending on the workplace. These different information and work views are meticulously taken into account. If desired, users can individualise them even further.


Purchasing or Leasing – On-Prem or SaaS

Licensing is often complicated, and inflexible models can be difficult to understand. It can also be expensive if you realise after signing a contract that the licenses are insufficient. This is different with eplas: simplicity, transparency and traceability are paramount.

Many software solutions are now offered exclusively cloud-based or as SaaS. But what happens if your requirements change, or the issue of data security comes into focus, or if you are required to operate critical systems internally? eplas offers you the flexibility to switch between SaaS and on-prem easily and without any problems whenever necessary.


With our easy-to-use modules, you can adapt the software according to your needs

eplas® Leads the Way in Information Security

  • TISAX Level 3
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISMS Implementation

TISAX und TISAX-results are not intended for the public. The result can only be accessed via the ENX portal. Scope ID: S34R90 | Assessment ID: ACZ9NM-1.

TISAX is a registered trademark of the ENX Association.

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