Information security & licensing

Our security promise to you (ISMS)ion security & licensing

A large amount of sensitive data is handled in HSE and HR. Our customers from a wide range of industries entrust us and our eplas software with sensitive employee data, among other things.

The security of information processing and the protection of personal data therefore play a very important role for us. As a processor in connection with our management solution eplas, we see information security and data protection as essential customer service. We therefore wanted to further increase the trust of our customers, partners and service providers in us as a company and decided to introduce an information security management system (ISMS) at the end of 2020.


Information Security Management System (ISMS)

The following certifications guarantee maximum security for your data as our customer:

  • ISMS implementation
  • Fulfillment of ISO 27001 requirements
  • Fulfillment of TISAX Level 3 requirements with the addition "particularly sensitive data"

We have our company, our IT infrastructure and eplas audited by external IT security companies at regular intervals. The results of the so-called penetration tests (PEN tests) help us to make our eplas solution, our IT infrastructure and our company even more secure.

As part of the integrated management system, we are also working towards ISO 9001 and 45001 certification.


Further information on the TISAX label:

The questionnaire on information security from the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA) had to be completed to verify compliance with the ENX (Tisax) requirements. The subsequent assessment, including a comprehensive on-site audit, was carried out by the TISAX audit service provider DEKRA Certifications GmbH.

The result can only be accessed via the ENX portal: Under the Scope ID: S34R90 and the Assessment ID: ACZ9NM-1.


With TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), the ENX Association supports a common standard for information security assessments in the automotive industry on behalf of the VDA. TISAX assessments are carried out by accredited assessment service providers whose qualifications are regularly reviewed. TISAX and the TISAX assessment results are not intended for the public.


Purchase or rent - on-prem or SaaS

License models are often rigid and difficult to understand. It is often only after the contract has been signed that you realize that the "nicely calculated" licenses are not sufficient in practice and sometimes have to pay for expensive additional licenses. Not with eplas: simple, comprehensible and transparent!

Everything is moving to the cloud - many software solutions are even only available as a cloud version/SaaS. But what happens if your preferences change, if the often-invoked "cyber war" focuses on the world's data centers? What should you do if the company management specifies that "critical systems should be brought in-house"? With eplas you are completely flexible. Switch between SaaS and on-prem without any problems if you deem it necessary!


We value a simple and transparent licensing policy. eplas is licensed exclusively based on the number of employees in the company. Employees include both the company's own employees as well as the number of regularly employed temporary workers (ANÜs, etc.). The number of employees working in the system at the same time is not limited, nor is the number of administrators.

Practice has shown that licensing according to administrators or "concurrent users" is difficult to calculate for the customer and is usually more expensive, which only leads to a reduced use of the system. eplas modules must always be licensed with the same employee base. Only one form of licensing is possible: either rent or purchase. Mixed licensing (rent and purchase at the same time) is not possible.


Purchase or lease? You are free to decide. For example, start with the lease model and switch to the purchase model if necessary. By subscribing, you always have access to the latest eplas version - there are no chargeable "major releases" or other hidden cost traps with us!

By the way, the choice between leasing and buying is independent from whether eplas is used as a SaaS solution or on-prem.

Upon request, we will prepare an individual eplas offer for you. Our prices have been stable for years and are subject to very few fluctuations.



A purchase of eplas means that the software is made available for an unlimited period of time. The subscription is obligatory in the first year and can optionally be booked as of the second year. The subscription includes free support (by telephone and e-mail) and the right to use the latest version of eplas.



The lease represents a temporary provision of eplas. The leasing fee includes support (by telephone and e-mail) and the subscription, i.e. the right to always use the latest version of eplas.


The licence costs are the same for you with both models.


Every company has its own IT strategy and has valid reasons for choosing it. Be it the size of the company, the core business or the location - the challenges are complex and require different processes and strategies. But they all have one thing in common - that IT must comply with the latest security requirements.

Based on the circumstances of our customers we offer our eplas software both

  • On-Prem and
  • SaaS (Software as a Service).

eplas® On-Prem:

You provide the required server components - eplas is installed in your network.

Your advantages with on-prem:

  • You operate the software in your own IT structure.
  • You have all the data in-house.
  • Single sign-on and other local services can be used more easily if necessary.
  • You control the server structure and IT security yourself.

eplas® SaaS:

We provide the eplas portals for you in our German data centers. You have access via the URLs and

Your advantages with SaaS:

  • We host eplas for you.
  • We provide the entire server IT infrastructure.
  • We bear the license and server costs.
  • We take care of IT and data security.
  • We take care of the data backups.
  • We scale the performance of the servers and connections.
  • We install all eplas updates free of charge.