Hazardous Substance Directory

The effort required to create your individual hazardous substance register (including "filling" it with data) should be as low as possible for you. However, in order to collect all relevant data for the legally required hazardous substance register in the company, a considerable amount of effort is necessary. The data must be requested from the manufacturer in the form of the safety data sheet (which alone can be immensely time-consuming) and then needs to be transferred section by section into your own register. Unfortunately, only a few manufacturers currently offer the simplified import via SDSComXML. Have you ever wondered why exactly the same work has to be done by hand for every hazardous substance by every company?


Of course, we do not only want to support you with a single one-time data input, which is why the special service of regularly updating the hazardous substances is integrated as well. Our specialist team regularly checks whether the master records are up-to-date and provides updated data records. In addition, the data inventory is permanently expanded.

Creating data records as a service

To save your resources, it is of course also possible that we record the data of your hazardous substances for you and make them available to you as data sets. The recording will be based on the safety data sheets that you provide. A subsequent updating of the data sets is also possible. In addition, we offer attractive conditions for your individual needs.

Processes and Workflows

Processes and workflows are the leading element in companies and organisations today. Only well-functioning and standardised processes enable compliance with the requirements of management systems, certifications or legal requirements.  We offer ready-made process templates and workflows for many processes - which you can then use directly or adapt them to your specific requirements. All processes have come from practical use, are tried and tested and suitable for various company sizes.