Consulting – HSE Management & Occupational Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety Act places high demands on HSE management and occupational safety. Far too many accidents still happen at work - some fatal. "In the year 2020, 760,492 occupational accidents were registered in Germany. This means that the number of workplace accidents during the first year of the Corona pandemic has decreased significantly compared to the relatively stable level of recent years. Compared to the record accident year of 1992, with almost 1.9 million occupational accidents, the number has more than halved."  (Source)

Safe workplaces are indispensable for high-performance companies, which is why modern occupational safety and health has long gone beyond primary accident prevention and has largely pursued a comprehensive approach to prevention. The aim is to consider all risks that can lead to work-related medical conditions and even occupational disability.


Our ISO 45001 auditors and occupational safety specialists analyse for you and advise you extensively.

The ISO 45001 standard "Occupational safety and health management systems - Requirements with guidance for use", which has been effective since March 2018, characterises the requirements for occupational security management systems. It is the only internationally independent standard that specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system. Main focus is on the prevention of misconduct in the organisation. (Source)


The list required to be able to follow all legal requirements exactly could go on forever ... How to keep track?


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