FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

eplas ensures better legal compliance in your company. This is provided, among other things, by the ongoing, audit-proof documentation of instructions, etc. This leads to verifiability, e.g. in the event of an accident: quickly, securely and at the push of a button. All existing documents are stored centrally. The advantage is that you no longer have to search for decentrally filed documents or papers.

The fact that eplas can be operated intuitively and without much training is important to us. Our customers have coined the expression "the eplas principle" because of its pragmatic user guidance.

The structure of eplas is modular. This means that each module can be used individually or in any combination with other modules. The following modules are available for you to choose from:

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Blended Learning
  • Risk assessments
  • Hazardous Substance Management
  • Bio Substance Management
  • Working & Operating Materials
  • Operating Instructions
  • Audit & Checklists
  • Procedures & Workflows
  • Incident & Accident Management
  • Occupational Health Precaution
  • Compliance Management
  • Visitor & Contractor Management


  • Training & Instruction
  • Incident & Accident Management
  • Occupational Health Care
  • Workflow & Process Manager
  • Application System

Furthermore, there is the option of both buying and leasing eplas. Hosting (SaaS: Software as a Service) and installation on the customer's premises (On-Prem) are possible in any combination with either the lease or the purchase variant.

The first-aid log book must primarily be filled out. Accidents and/or near-accidents are recorded there. The following actions, among others, can then be derived via e.g. the extended reports:

  • Accident reports to the internal and external/official bodies.
  • Creating accident analysis
  • "Avoiding accidents" as a document (to train and inform employees about measures to avoid this type of accident in the future).

eplas complies with the requirements of German and European data protection laws and regulations. All data is recorded in a database and protected against changes by encryption with check keys. Only data that is actually necessary for occupational health and safety is recorded. Access can be restricted by respective role via feature-related assignment of permissions. Employee performance evaluation is impossible with eplas. Data that could be used for this purpose is not collected (e.g. whether an employee had to complete a training course several times in order to pass).

The escalation management included in eplas automatically reminds employees of upcoming trainings, appointments, documents, health check-ups as well as upcoming examinations and other important dates. The time period of the reminder can be freely defined and thus individually adapted to each employee.

With eplas, employees can be trained and instructed according to their individual profile, i.e. their individual tasks. In addition, "face to face" appointments can be planned and documented via eplas. The "blended learning" principle optimally combines electronic content and "face to face" appointments. Furthermore, accidents and near-accidents can not only be recorded, but can also be assigned with individual measures, which are then escalated immediately. With eplas, we also offer the "Avoid Accidents" report for employees, which can be created per individual incident. This report can easily be used to illustrate to employees what happened, why it happened and, most importantly, how to avoid it in the future.

Our eplas software can be used effectively and sensibly in every company and every industry with five or more employees. There are no upper limits to size. Our long-standing customer base, which includes companies with between 10 and approx. 100,000 employees, confirms this.

Among other things, eplas offers you the possibility to centrally manage information such as trainings, information on hazardous substances or operating instructions and to make them available in a consistent and permission-controlled manner.

eplas can be connected to almost any HR system, so that the relevant employee master data as well as the organisational and structural data are automatically updated and maintained. In addition, you can import employee lists manually or create individual employees directly.

eplas has been designed to provide a simplified login interface for external employees, in which they have the option to carry out their necessary briefing in advance, even before they begin working on site. Another option is to create and print visitor passes or briefing cards.

Since eplas is offered in several languages, there is no language barrier, which means that you can provide each employee with an individual user interface that corresponds to their respective language. This also means that you have the possibility to provide content (e.g. trainings, operating instructions, etc.) in the suitable language.

The instructions/training must comply with the current regulatory requirements. As we regularly update the topics you have acquired, this is always a given. With eplas you can additionally create content sequentially and consecutively, which makes it possible to train basics electronically and details personally.

eplas can be connected to almost any HR system so that employee data is automatically updated and maintained. In addition, you can import employee lists manually or directly create a single entry.

The escalation management included in eplas automatically reminds employees of upcoming instructions, appointments, documents and health check-ups, as well as due examinations and other important dates. The reminder period can be freely defined and individually adjusted for each employee.

The introduction of a new software always involves a certain amount of work. However, in order to keep this as low as possible with eplas, we actively support you with workshops, consulting services, expert advisors for occupational health and safety, a team for data collection and much more.

If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate and contact us!