We create safety together - for a responsible approach to people and the environment

The base for our success is an appreciative and solution-oriented interaction with our clients and employees. We take responsibility for our actions, admit our mistakes and learn from them together, always remaining factual and goal oriented. 
Our customers appreciate the expertise of our employees, their intention to achieve project goals and their willingness to show above-average commitment. Our employee’s independent and creative action is important to us. 
To create the best conditions for this, we actively support an even work-life-balance and additionally provide support with child and family care. 
It is important to us that our employees can do their work with joy and motivation. This is how we achieve exceptionality for our clients.  

„UnternehmensWERT Familie!“

In 2018 we became award winners of the contest „UnternehmensWERT Familie!“, which honors employers in the Lahn-Dill region who practice family friendliness in their companies. 
Size and sector of the company are irrelevant, but the deciding factor is that the family-friendly provisions enable the employees to better reconcile their professional activity and their family requirements.

Management Policy

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of occupational health and safety management software for business customers in all sectors, we aim to meet the requirements of the market and of our customers, as well as other internal and external issues, which we determine through a distinctive innovation strategy and state-of-the-art development technology.

We strengthen our employees through personal responsibility, provide creative freedom, and support them by setting clear goals. In this way, we promote their further development and identification with our company.

Within our organisation interfaces are defined so that flawless and traceable work results are achievable. We set ourselves measurable goals, to demonstrably achieve a continuous improvement process for increased process performance, taking into account risks and opportunities, as well as quality leadership.

Here you can find the management policy document to Download here.