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"The employer is obliged to take the necessary occupational health and safety measures, considering the circumstances that influence the safety and health of employees at work." According to § 3 ArbSchG, this is one of the basic duties of an employer. A total of 12 paragraphs in the Occupational Health and Safety Act deal with the employer's duties.

A violation or an unprofessional to lax implementation of these measures can have devastating effects. High fines, minor to severe accidents or even the death of an employee can be the consequence.

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An excerpt of the most important duties of an employer, briefly rolled out

"Work needs to be designed in such a way as to best avoid any dangers to life and to physical and mental health and to minimise the remaining hazards. In doing so, hazards should be tackled at their source. Employees should always be provided with appropriate instructions."

"A risk may arise in particular from 1. the design and equipment of the workplace and the working station, 2. physical, chemical and biological effects, 3. the design, selection and use of work equipment, especially of working materials, machinery, equipment and installations and the handling thereof, 4. the design of work and production processes, work sequences and working time and their interaction, 5. inadequate qualification and instruction of employees, 6. mental stress at work."

"The employer needs to have the (...) necessary documents at his disposal that show both the result of the risk assessment, the occupational safety and health measures he has specified and the result of their verification. (...) The employer needs to record any accidents in his company where an employee is killed or injured or is totally or partially incapable to work for more than three days."

"The employer needs to take measures to ensure that only workers who have received appropriate prior instructions have access to particularly hazardous working areas. The employer has to take steps to ensure that all workers who are or may be exposed to an immediate significant hazard are informed as early as possible of that hazard and of the protective measures taken or to be taken." (To guarantee this when having more than 500 employees requires a very precise documentation of who has been instructed into what and when. Just one single mistake can have serious consequences).

If you want to read in detail all 12 paragraphs about the duties of an employer in Germany, you can find them here:


eplas®-Modules - Your Software for highest Occupational Safety

Imagine all employees are instructed or trained in all topics required for their job on a timely and recurring basis, without lengthy training preparations or time-consuming documentation of attendance, and all of this without any loss of productivity. What's more, everything is not just limited to instruction in accordance with DGUV Regulation 1. You can also cover all operational topics from areas such as quality management, health protection and environmental protection or even production-related topics. By linking classroom and e-learning units, the sustainable transfer of knowledge is ensured, even for practice-oriented topics.

  • Unlimited and easy integration of your own topics, e. g. as PowerPoint, Video, PDF or SCORM
  • Information about upcoming appointments
  • Automated import of staff, organisational and structural data
  • Assignment of instructions, documents or on-site appointments manually, based on activities or automatically, according to assignment rules
  • Management of assignments and qualification monitoring
  • Select from a pool for training and further education, desired topics and approval workflows
  • Combination of face-to-face instruction and e-learning
  • SCORM training courses can be used
  • Embedding of film, image and audio data
  • No customer-based installation necessary, use via all common browsers
  • No data collection for performance evaluation, compliance with all legal and data protection requirements
  • High legal conformity and audit-proof documentation
  • QM-effective collection of evaluation data

Industrial Safety Ordinances, Pressure Equipment Directives, Elevator Directives, Trade Association Regulations... There are a lot of regulations that prescribe regular inspections for a variety of devices and equipment. In addition, equipment is handed out to employees in the company every day, be it measuring equipment, tools, devices, PPE or vehicles. Who received what and when, and when does it need to be returned? What must be returned when an employee leaves? Don't lose overview here - use our "Working & Operating Equipment" module: plan and structure the necessary inspections automatically and on schedule and involve your own staff and external service providers in the process. Use the additional feature for maintenance, repairs and cost monitoring. Document the handing out and returning of equipment, machines, PPE and much more and always have an overview of who is currently using what.

  • Clear management and presentation of objects
  • Documentation of all relevant master data and of numerous individual identification areas
  • Additional object-related information can be recorded
  • Management of acquisition, maintenance and repair costs, as well as profitability analysis ("Is a repair still worthwhile?")
  • Customisable interfaces for categories, equipment-specific recording of additional data
  • Monitoring of dates and deadlines, e.g. for equipment subject to inspection or measuring equipment
  • Monitoring and documentation of inspections and maintenance
  • Management of loan equipment and PPE
  • Documentation of handing out and returning loan equipment
  • Monitoring of deadlines for the return of loan equipment
  • Filing of additional documents such as manuals, circuit diagrams, drawings and instructions
  • Clear structuring and mapping of your organisation through organisational levels such as departments and rooms

Use this module to create and manage uniform, legally compliant and up-to-date operating instructions for the entire company. Supply an audit-proof, digital or printed version of the approved operating instructions to everyone concerned at any time, and thus increase the safety of all people in your company in an easy way.

You can find more on the topic of "operating instructions" under the menu item OperatingInstructionTemplates.

  • Creation and management of legally compliant operating instructions as well as templates.
  • Specified types for organisation, machinery, hazardous substances, bio-substances, PPE or user-specific (e.g. for work instructions)
  • Clearly laid out presentation of all operating instructions relevant to the employee
  • Extensive and easy-to-use editor tool
  • Database of required pictograms
  • Text templates can be used for creation
  • Available as PDF file or printout
  • Defined "responsible employee" for each operating instruction
  • Revision-proof versioning
  • Approval can be individually designed either as a "digital signature" or as a workflow
  • Automatic monitoring, e.g. of the operating instructions' annual review
  • More than 900 ready-to-use operating instructions available

eplas allows you to easily create templates for HSE and QM inspection reports that can be accessed and edited on site via tablet. Photo feature and automatic action management are included. Digitisation can be that simple. If audits are supposed to take place regularly, they can be planned and assigned via audit management. Automatic audit planning with a rolling assignment of auditors is also possible.

  • Easy creation of your own checklists and audit templates with the integrated editor
  • Process/system/product audits, e.g. according to ISO 9001, 45001, 27001, etc.
  • Creation of specific evaluation areas
  • Carry out planned audits as well as spontaneous inspections and events
  • Creation of evaluations and reports
  • Data export to other systems
  • Compliance audit, 1st and 2nd party audits, review management, safety audit, waste walk
  • Comprehensive action management including escalation functions
  • Attachment of comments, images and documents
  • Performing calculations within checklist
  • Comprehensive catalogue of ready-made checklists and templates available

Are normal programme interfaces too rigid for you and do not meet your requirements? Do you want to observe processes regarding your occupational health and safety and also map workflows and processes without the support of IT experts?

Create your own workflows, e.g. for "spontaneous" needs such as the reporting of an incident, requesting new PPE, hazardous substances or an approval process. The possibilities are endless! Define workflows and map simple or complex process scenarios: whether it is an easy application for PPE and the practical controlling of learning successes, feedback forms after training, internal or external events, or if it is the complex application for hazardous substances, the recording of an incident in the company or the approval of e.g. risk assessments or operating instructions. You can also easily create and use other required fields in the eplas software via the editor, or individualise the process on a role-specific basis. Or you completely customise the operation of the solution on a process-specific basis.

  • Simple creation of any workflow via integrated editor
  • Usage of integrated employee, organisational and structural data
  • Fine-grained authorisation management
  • Integration of all eplas module and database areas
  • Comprehensive action management with escalation functions
  • Attachment of comments, images and documents
  • Calculations within checklist possible
  • Mapping of any processes without requirement of special IT knowledge or additional software
  • Surveys (anonymised or personalised, mandatory or voluntary)
  • Mapping of simple or complex approval processes, e.g. for hazardous substances
  • Creation of data pools for analysis or transfer/export
  • Comprehensive pool of ready-made and customisable workflows optionally available

What to do if something happens? With our eplas Incident and Accident Management module, you can document all incidents, accidents and near-accidents clearly and audit-proof. Take advantage of the possibilities of our module and work through the event of an accident in a structured and documented way. Analyse the causes of incidents, learn from mistakes and use the central and clear measure tracking possibilities.

  • Fast recording with a step-by-step wizard in the central first-aid-log-book book via dashboard
  • Clear, easy-to-use and standardised injury recording
  • Automatic notification of employees by e-mail about measures to be taken
  • Documentation of recorded accidents, near accidents as well as the resulting measures
  • Reports for action tracking
  • Creation of a document for information after accidents ("learning from accidents")
  • Comprehensive statistics and evaluations to identify patterns and causes
  • Compact, target group-oriented and graphically supported reports and evaluations
  • In combination with the workflow module, any processes for recording, processing and analysing incidents can be integrated

As the central element in occupational health and safety, risk assessment is the basis for systematic and sustainable occupational safety management. Use the possibilities of our module and develop the assessment of risks effectively and in a structured way. Assign measures clearly and quickly and easily track and document their implementation and effectiveness. You can cover risk assessments on the basis of predefined and customised factor menus or via completely customisable checklists - even a combination of both options is no problem. Nearly any individual requirements can be covered efficiently. For example, in addition to risk assessment, you can also assess opportunities and thus fulfil current requirements from a management systems perspective (e.g. ISO 45001).

  • Workplace-, activity-, substance- or equipment-related assessment
  • Structured recording of the risk, based on more than 60 predefined or any customised risk factors
  • Evaluation of risk according to Nohl or own evaluation scheme
  • Risk, residual risk and opportunity assessment both before and after implementation of measures
  • Recording support via aid functions, with references to legal sources and suggested measures
  • Assignment of responsibilities, executors and effectiveness inspectors to each measure
  • Output and reporting of risk assessment, measure tracking and effectiveness monitoring
  • Unlimited number of measures per risk
  • Risk- and measure-related archiving of accompanying documents such as statements and expert reports
  • Any type of approval can be implemented, e.g. via digital signature or individual release processes
  • Import and export of entire risk assessments
  • Use of templates for the risk assessments or for individual areas
  • Copy or inheriting features for efficient use in complex organisations
  • Comprehensive pool of directly usable and customisable risk assessment templates

The requirements for handling hazardous substances are manifold and are not just limited to keeping a hazardous substance register. They range from information gathering, risk assessment and instruction for documentation and recurring audits. You can now solve this task with one all-encompassing module and no longer need a bunch of manually executed isolated solutions: What is stored where? How dangerous is it? Can it be substituted? Is the safety data sheet up to date? Anyone who deals with hazardous substances knows all these questions - find the answers at the click of a button.

Under„HazardousSubstancesRegister“ you can find more than 73.000 hazardous substances, directly useable in eplas and always up-to-date, due to our Update Service.

  • Easy recording of all hazardous substances with the information from the safety data sheet that is legally required and relevant for you .
  • Archiving of all important substance-related documents - easy and traceable
  • Preparation of the risk assessment according to §7 GefStoffV
  • Integration of the latest version of the EMKG
  • Free risk assessment with individual evaluations
  • Consistent use of texts, pictograms and master data throughout the company
  • Creation of operating instructions at the click of a button
  • Import of existing data
  • Automatic creation of hazardous substances data from SDSComXML safety data sheets
  • Comprehensive evaluations and reports
  • Data export in MS Excel format for further processing
  • Electronic storage of safety data sheets with history function
  • Automatic creation of the hazardous substances register
  • Location-, activity- and organisation-related access to data
  • Workflow-based use for creating own input interfaces and approval workflows in combination with the Workflows module possible
  • Hazardous substance shop with over 73,000 hazardous substances available

Join all aspects of occupational health management, e.g. mandatory or optional preventive medical check-ups, aptitude tests and preventive health measures, in one central place. Use the possibilities of our module "Occupational health screening" and work through the process of prevention in a structured and documented way.

  • Maintaining a legally compliant precautionary file in accordance with ArbMedVV
  • Management of consistent occupational medical check-ups and aptitude tests
  • Assignment of precautions and aptitudes based on activity profiles, manually or fully automated via assignment rules
  • Multiple scheduling and management options for an efficient implementation in your company
  • Documentation that is compliant with legal requirements and data protection
  • Automatic deadline monitoring with escalation functions
  • Legally compliant documentation of optional medical examinations 
  • Possible history function/integration of internal or external occupational health
  • Appointment scheduling supported
  • Appointment booking via calendar function and sending of a calendar entry
  • Reporting and evaluations of possible offered, open, performed examinations

With our Compliance Management module, you can transport compliance know-how to your employees and create legal safety in your company. It doesn't matter if it is occupational health and safety, information security or compliance in general: it's always, easy and transparent! Create your company-specific legal register or a register of legal obligations.

We offer our Compliance Module in different variants:

Connection to Umwelt-Online (environment-online)
When connected to Umwelt-Online, your data is automatically updated and the contact persons who are responsible for the different divisions are informed about changes in the respective legal areas via eplas' own action tool and can thus take targeted action.

Connection to the Eticor compliance management software (Eticor GmbH)
Map both legal requirements and contractual provisions or other binding obligations. Generate tasks with specifications in simple, understandable language and automatic e-mail reminders. Following the slogan: Plan-Do-Check-Act.

"Eticor is your partner for building digital compliance organisations as a part of a value-oriented corporate management. With our holistic compliance solutions, we create freedom for you so that you can concentrate on your core business and are able to grow responsibly. Our team of experts will create an individual and site-specific legal register for you which will be kept up to date at all times. We assume liability for the completeness and topicality of the legal content!

The base of our work is to create an understanding and a sense of reason for compliance in the company, in order to clarify the relevance for legally compliant action. This is why we translate complex compliance requirements from laws, standards, internal guidelines, approvals and contracts into simple, easy-to-understand tasks for you and make them available in the Eticor compliance management software. Our absolute goal is the satisfaction and legal safety of our customers. That is what we stand for!"

  • Guidelines translated into simple, comprehensible tasks
  • Personal delegation of tasks
  • Automatic e-mail reminder
  • Monitoring and display of compliance status at the click of a button
  • Location-independent, worldwide working
  • Regular updating of all regulations
  • Relevant EU regulations
  • Federal and state laws

Visitor management without much effort. An easy-to-use visitor management tool that allows visitors to effortlessly enter the relevant data and that can generate badges, preferably even with a photo.

  • Pre-registration for specified groups of people
  • Handling of group visits
  • Evaluations with own reports and MS Excel export
  • Automatic notification of regularly recurring external companies when instructions expire
  • Alarm function: connection to fire alarms or similar systems enables automatic output of contractors and visitors currently on the premises
  • Programme languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Romanian (other languages on request)

Our eplas dashboard is the information centre for employees, executives and company management. This is where you can display customized role-related information and work overviews for your company. In addition, it offers the possibility for quick and detailed reporting on individual subjects, as well as cross-departmental evaluations and overviews. Appointments and instructions for individual users and entire selected sectors and departments can be combined with a click and made available as one single overview. With this targeted operational reporting the information requirements of the respective recipients of reports are emphasised. Free capacities are created with this increase in quality.

  • Central interface with role-related overviews of information and work 
  • Immediate visibility which instructions, deadlines, measures, procedures or audits will be due, are already due or overdue
  • Can be customised according to your own ideas via integrated dashboard and widget editor
  • Modern widget design
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Display of key figures and trends
  • Possible integration of workflows, e.g. for applications or incident reports 
  • Comprehensive options for reporting and analysis 
  • Adaptation to your corporate identity or design
  • Effective and efficient corporate management

Your Advantages with eplas® for Occupational Safety

eplas is always up to date with latest laws and guidelines, uncovers deficits and reminds you of deadlines, audits and revisions. No one can remember everything - the bigger the company the more complex the challenge.

eplas puts an end to overflowing folders, complicated Excel lists, overdue coordination and confusing delegations.

Employees are trained on schedule and on a recurring basis, without lengthy training preparations or elaborate documentation of attendance, in all the topics required for their job. 
And all of this without any loss of productivity! 
What's more, this is not only limited to DGUV Regulation 1 instructions. You can cover all operational topics like quality management, environmental protection and topics relevant to production.

The sustainable transfer of knowledge is ensured, even for practice-oriented topics, by combining classroom and e-learning units.


Our system brings transparency to your safety-relevant processes. Use our expertise as an advisor to consciously develop your processes for the future. On this path, we see ourselves as your guide through the intricacies of occupational safety. Keep an overview and standardise your processes with the necessary foresight and creativity. As enablers, we address things openly and honestly. We enable you and your team to sustainably grow successfully. You can rely on us.

With eplas® you are getting a Software-Solution for Occupational Safety and Staff Management

Whether it is knowledge transfer via blended learning, the creation of risk assessments or the recording and management of hazardous substances, facilities and equipment, eplas supports you in your daily work - easily, intuitively and reliably. With eplas, you use software which has processes that fully comply with the requirements of the occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001.