Jochen Blöcher

Every person is the sum of his or her roles and I fill each of them with responsibility and passion. Whether as a husband, father, son, brother, or boss - my counterpart can rely on me.

I need challenges!

Curse or blessing? I need challenges. It's my nature. I tackle things, take responsibility and I don't sit things out. This is supported by my stubbornness. When someone tells me something can't be done, I try to understand why it shouldn't be possible - this often triggers a kind of defiance in me that makes me want to have my own ways. At least when I personally see sense in something.

If I had always listened to the restraining but often well-meaning voices of those around me, I would probably be employed as a qualified mechatronics engineer in a company, drawing tooth after tooth of a gearwheel.
I followed my own path. It was rocky sometimes, once even almost unbearable, but all in all it was exactly the right one - for me and my companions.

My understanding of being an entrepreneur!

I see it as my responsibility to make sure that my employees have a reasonable work-life balance that does not tip over. Many people find themselves in a hamster wheel of family, work and their own needs, which is difficult to get out of on one's own. That is why I attach great importance to understanding what drives employees and whether they have difficulties in their private lives. Within the limits that everyone is willing to talk about, of course. I want to understand what makes them tick, because ultimately when they are at work they are just as human as they are at home. They bring their private problems to the company just as much as they take home work related problems.

Voluntary work is a matter of honour!

My voluntary activities accompany me to this day. Since I can remember, I have been active in the volunteer fire brigade. As this can no longer be realised due to time constraints, I focus on my voluntary work with the DLRG (German Life Saving Society), both in rescue services and preferably regarding children's, youth and adult education. This is something I enjoy immensely: Imparting knowledge and then watching my counterpart work with that knowledge fills me with joy. It is a bit of that fatherly or grandfatherly approach, providing knowledge so that they don't have to go through their own grave experiences.


A Portrait of Jochen Blöcher

It is the individual parts that make the whole complete.