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We take care of children from 1 to 3 years, up to the regular start of kindergarten, and provide a total of 10 childcare places. In a suitable learning environment, we work together to prepare the way for your little ones to open up to new things and gain experience with their peers.

Our bright and friendly rooms leave nothing to be desired. An exercise room and a child-friendly outdoor area with many opportunities to play, offer plenty of space for personal development. The lovingly designed sleeping and resting room provides necessary time-out for the little ones as well.

"A child is a book from which we are to read and into which we are to write."  Peter Rosegger

We support

The individuality of each and every child is particularly important to us! In the early years, they learn to discover and experience their own personality, wishes, and needs. We accompany the children on their unique developmental paths and provide courage, security, and assistance with awakening and promoting their abilities and in discovering themselves.

It is essential that we support each child in the pursuit of their own interests and in what they are doing at any moment.

Our wish

It is our wish to have friendly interactions with the parents, as this is a prerequisite to how comfortable your child will feel with us. Our work can only be successful if there is a trusting exchange between the parents and our childminders.

With door-to-door talks during drop-off and pick-up time, everyday matters can be briefly discussed and exchanged.

Family-friendly at work

Providing a good work-life balance is very important to us. We want to make it easier for our employees and their families to join our company. Thus, with our U3 care, we provide the possibility to prevent detours on the way to work, to adjust opening hours, and to guarantee free accommodation.

Our company U3 is not only useful for company employees. We also accept children from outside the company like the neighbourhood and the surrounding areas, thus creating varied social contacts for the little ones.

Your questions to us!

You only need to bring a set of spare clothes and extra clothing for the outdoor area. Breakfast, lunch and drinks (water) are prepared directly at the Eulennest. Hygiene items (nappies, wet wipes etc.) are provided and charged monthly via a hygiene flat rate. Of course, your child is welcome to bring his/her favourite stuffed animal/toy with him/her.

The minimum care time in our facility is 15 hours spread over 3 days. These are the hours that we have had the best experience with.

Breakfast is freshly prepared every morning. Bread with various spreads, sausage, cheese and fresh fruit and vegetables provide a healthy breakfast. For lunch, the children get steam-cooked meals that we arrange. We take care of a balanced and varied diet. Our menu is repeated every 4 weeks.

In case of illness or other absence, the childcare is ensured by our substitute.

If a child is tired before lunchtime and if the parents request it, the children will of course be allowed to nap outside of bedtime hours.

Compliance with mandatory vaccination is also elementary in our facilities. Children who come to the facility before their first year of life do not yet have complete vaccination protection. We check and document the current vaccination status. Please note that for this reason we unfortunately have to ban pregnant women from entering our facilities if they are not immune (according to the maternity passport) to measles.

Our Childminders

Annette Lücke

Margot Latz

Anette Noffke

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Opening hours

Our U3 care opens daily:
Monday to Thursday 07:00 – 16:00
Friday 07:00 – 15:00


For closing times on public holidays, please check the announcement in front of the group room.



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If you are interested in a U3 childcare place or have any questions about our Eulennest, please do not hesitate to contact us!